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Minnie Mouse Torch/Lamp - Minnie Mouse Bedding

  • R 79900

 Minnie Mouse Go Glow Night Beam Tilt Torch 

  • 100% official Minnie Mouse merchandise
  • 2-in-1 magical motion-activated torch with glow light
  • Simply wave the torch like a wand to make light magically appear 
  • After using it as a torch, it transforms into a comforting lamp that softly fades after 2 minutes
  • Glow in dark trim makes it easy to find during the night
  • Tested to the highest children’s safety standards
  • Battery operated - requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Approximate size: 16cm (H) x 7cm (W) 

The Minnie Mouse Go Glow Night Beam Tilt Torch adds some enchantment and magic to bedtimes.

Simply use the torch like a wand and wave to magically activate the light. Use it to read fairytales whilst tucked up in bed with Minnie Mouse by her side.

When it is time for lights out, set the torch face down to provide a soothing and comforting lamp which will gently fade after 2 minutes as your little one drifts off to sleep. Should they need some extra reassurance during the night, the glow in the dark trim on the torch will help them to find it quickly and easily. The Minnie Mouse Go Glow Night Beam Tilt Torch is part of a kids’ collection, produced by Worlds Apart who understand what kids want and need to create routine, making bedtimes easier all round.


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