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Dawn of Justice Batmobile - Batman v Superman Toys

  • R 1,10000

Play at keeping Gotham City safe with this super-cool Batmobile, which can hold a six-inch Batman action figure (sold separately)!

Zoom through the streets of Gotham City and battle evildoers! The iconic Batmobile gets a modern, amped-up design, while still featuring all the slick details that Batman fans love. The sleek look, oversized racing wheels, and aerodynamic design give kids the perfect vehicle to drive their imaginations!

  • Aerodynamically designed with authentic details and oversized racing wheels
  • Canopy lifts to fit a six-inch Batman figure (sold separately) for the ultimate Super Hero missions!
  • Kids can play out battling villains in Gotham City
  • Lots of thrilling storytelling fun for every Batman fan! 


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