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Batman v Supeman Lazer Battle Set - Batman v Superman Toys

  • R 1,30000

Battle each other as Batman or Superman from the ‘Dawn of Justice’ movie with Batman v Superman Laser Battle! Blast your opponent to score points and light up their chest with your hand blaster. Be careful not to let your opponent hit your chest plate or you will lose one of your lives! The first one to run out of lives loses.

 Slip on the chest plate, arm your hand blaster and let the fun begin! The light-up chest plate counts down the number of ‘lives’ you have left, and makes sounds to indicate when you’ve been hit, when you’re nearing the end, and when it’s game over. The hand blaster also makes sounds when you’ve successfully hit your opponent. Includes two adjustable chest plate units and hand blasters.

 Includes two adjustable chest plates and hand blasters

  • Chest plate lights up and makes sounds to indicate successful hits, lives lost and game over
  • Choose to play as Batman or Superman


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